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geography a level at aspire sixth form

Geography A Level

Curriculum Intent

Aiming to increase students’ understanding about how the world we live in works, the challenges and opportunities that our planet presents us with and how we can best manage those challenges and opportunities. Students learn how to understand the links between disciplines, with the ultimate aim of being able to use those links to develop new, world-changing innovations so we can build a more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable future.

Why should I study Geography?

Geography tackles the big issues – environmental responsibility, global independence, cultural understanding and commerce, trade and industry. The transferable skills which geography fosters are an asset to you and potential employers in the future. Geographers are good communicators, spatially aware, problem solvers, good team players, computer literate and well-rounded, flexible thinkers.

The dynamic and interactive nature of the topics allows you to examine the contemporary issues facing society from population growth to global warming and everything in between. Geography is an Ebacc and Russell group subject and we love it and want you to have the same passion as us.

What skills will I gain?

Geographers can make a concise report; handle data; ask questions and find the answers; make decisions about an issue; analyse material; manage themselves and solve problems

Geographers are good communicators; spatially aware; socially and environmentally aware; problem solvers; good team players; computer literate as well as rounded, flexible thinkers.

Within Geography you will gain the skills to use primary and secondary data, analyse and evaluate this data and report on your findings. You will develop your ICT skills in a range of contexts. You will also develop practical competence derived from wayfinding, fieldwork and environmental investigations.

What career paths is Geography suitable for?

Statistics show that Geography graduates are amongst the most employable (source: AGCAS). This is because they possess the skills employers look for and in part because it’s a combination of the parts of science and the understanding of the arts. Geography goes with lots of other subjects and provides a wide variety of career opportunities.

Entry requirements

  • Five GCSEs at grade 4 or above; including English and/or Maths.
  • National data suggests successful students will have achieved an average points score of 5.55 or more.