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a level re philosophy and ethics at aspire sixth form

Religious Studies - Philosophy and Ethics A Level

Curriculum Intent

To challenge all students to explore different cultures and to discuss the key global issues that confront humanity in the 21st Century. We value the personal, moral, social and spiritual development of each student, encouraging respect for self and others including the core values of truth, kindness, integrity and compassion. Students are made aware of both the traditional history of different faiths, as well as the relevance of religious teachings on contemporary ethical issues.

Why should I study Religious Studies?

Religious Studies offers unique opportunities that suits students who are open minded and love a chance to debate some of life’s biggest issues. Philosophy was first created by the ancient Greeks and has the greatest respect amongst the elite thinkers on our planet. It can be linked to many other subjects as it is all about how we find answers. Ethics is a form of Philosophy and studies the ways that we make decisions and how we decide what is right and what is wrong. We look specifically at issues such as euthanasia and business ethics. These always spark interesting arguments!

New to the subject is the study of the developments in Christian thought. Students will study theological developments concerning the existence of God, who Jesus was, and also death and the afterlife. Students will be asked questions such as; what is the purpose of human life? Does anything of a person continue beyond death?

What skills will I gain?

Religious Studies is a great subject for developing confidence and sharing ideas with interesting people. It allows you the chance to “think outside the box” and share these ideas. It opens your mind to new ideas and become a great thinker by challenging you to reflect upon and defend your views.

Religious Studies develops a variety of skills, including those of discussion, debate and the valuable skills of logical argument and critical evaluation – all of which can be transferred to other areas of study.

What career paths is Religious Studies suitable for?

Religious Studies is highly regarded by universities and employers as it proves that you are able to think, discuss and evaluate. At degree level it is linked to Humanities, English, Sciences and Maths – a truly flexible subject!

The subject links well to a wide number of careers including social and pastoral care, education, journalism and media, and voluntary work. Religious Studies is such a flexible subject that it will complement most option combinations.

Entry requirements

  • Five GCSEs at grade 4 or above; including English and/or maths.
  • National data suggests successful students will have achieved an average points score of 5.18 or more.