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super curricular knowledge at aspire sixth form


The aim of our curriculum is to unlock our students' academic and personal potential: raising aspirations, powering social mobility and enabling all students to go to a university or a career of their choice. Our curriculum model allows us to ensure all of our students have the opportunity to experience a breadth of subjects in depth and detail. 

Students in Key Stage 5 have a free option choice from over the 30 courses we offer at Aspire Sixth Form. Students are then issued with their personal timetable that meets their requested subjects. Each student therefore follows their own personal pathway that is made up from the elements below. The vast majority of our students will complete a minimum of 744 guided learner hours.

Activity Type Details Timetabled hours Total number of hours
Qualification Activity A Levels / BTEC Each subject  is timetabled as 6 taught lessons per week

4 subjects = 760 hours

3 subjects = 570 hours

Non-Qualification Activity


Wednesday PM

2 lessons per week 63 hours
Qualification Activity (additional)


2 lessons per week

63 hours

Non-Qualification Activity

Tutorial + Registration

Daily am registration 79 hours
Non-Qualification Activity Directed Study (1 per week) 1 session per week 32 hours
Total number of hours (minimum excl. additional qualification activity):

934 hours (4 subjects)

744 hours (3 subjects)

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