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life at aspire sixth form

Life at Aspire Sixth

Joining our sixth form is about social development as well as academic achievement. We have a very busy social calendar which ensures there will be at least one activity or event to suit every student. All students are encouraged to join the various sports clubs and teams, enjoy the range of visits planned, join us on university visits and open days and contribute to the growing links that the school has established.

Dress Code

Dress Code for Girls

  • Formal co-ordinated jacket and skirt or co-ordinated jacket and trousers. All girls must wear formal jackets/blazers at all times.
  • Top or blouse
  • Smart/work shoes – no trainers or pumps/converse. These must be shoes.
  • Ankle boots may be worn
  • Tights should be flesh coloured or plain black – no patterned tights
  • Jumpers must be smart

Dress Code for Boys

  • Formal co-ordinated jacket and trousers
  • Collared work shirt
  • Tie
  • Smart/work shoes – no trainers or pumps/converse.
In order to maintain a professional, business-like appearance, there will be certain restrictions on the style of your suit.

  • Jackets must be either short or three-quarter length
  • Trousers must be:
    • full length,
    • tailored style
    • no leggings, cropped trousers or shorts allowed
    • plain material – no denim allowed
  • Skirts must be off a modest length and at least to the knee and allow freedom of movement around the sixth form
  • Tops must be:
    • covered
    • Length must ensure complete covering of midriff.
  • Footwear must be:
    • Plain, flat or with a modest heel – for health and safety purposes
    • Ankle boots may be worn
    • No trainers
  • Hair must be a natural colour
  • Piercings should not be visible anywhere other than in-ears.

In the instance of practical lessons such as PE, students will be required to bring their kit with them into school. The kit worn should be the Aspire Corporate kit, provided by the school. If the corporate kit is unavailable, then blue or black sportswear must be worn. This kit must only be worn when doing these practical lessons. Students should be in the dress code for all other lessons.

In order to maintain an appropriate dress code whilst allowing our sixth form students the privilege of wearing their individual choice of suit, and access to a modern working wardrobe, the school reserves the right to send home any student who fails to meet our standards.

If there are any queries regarding this dress code, please confirm with a member of the sixth form team before committing to any purchases.

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