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sociology a level at aspire sixth form

Sociology A Level

Curriculum Intent

To encourage students to look at the world with an informed and enquiring mind. They involve analysing society and the people in it in a way that is informed by theoretical understanding. The examination specifications have been carefully chosen by departmental staff with expertise in each area to ensure the course best fits the needs of our learners.

Why should I study Sociology?

Sociology is an enjoyable and interesting subject that throws new light on the world around you. It is a social science that is concerned with how human social relationships are formed and patterned; for example organisations, cultures and societies. Sociologists try to gain objective knowledge about the world using investigations to help them form theories. It works from the premise that our social behaviour is learned not instinctive.

Sociology asks you to understand and apply key concepts such as power, globalisation and culture to important and topical issues within families, education, crime & deviance and beliefs in society which shape the world we live in.

What skills will I gain?

  • How to view the world around you from different perspectives and reflect upon your own experiences
  • An appreciation of the significance of theories and conceptual issues in sociological debate
  • How to plan and conduct research experiences and understand Sociological methodology
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Application of contemporary issues into sociological thought
  • How to put across your point of view fluently in debates, discussions and essays
  • Engage in effective team work
  • Develop key communication skills which will have a positive impact on university applications

Sociology is 100% examination so you will also develop exam skills such as writing in timed conditions and analysing the meaning of command words in exam questions.

Course outline

Autumn Term 1

  • Year 12 – Introduction to theory and concepts/Family and educational policies
  • Year 13 -Theories of crime and deviance

Autumn Term 2

  • Year 12 – Differential achievement in education/Family trends and theories
  • Year 13 – Crime and deviance in social groups

Spring Term 1

  • Year 12 – Theory of education and families
  • Year 13 – Beliefs in society

Spring Term 2

  • Methods
  • Theory and methods


Year 12 – Crime statistics and the media

What career paths is Sociology suitable for?

An A Level in Sociology will open up a wealth of job opportunities such as:

  • Social Work and Counselling
  • Education
  • Law
  • Journalism
  • Criminal Justice and Probation
  • Welfare Services
  • Charity Fundraising

Entry requirements

  • Five GCSEs at grade 4 or above; including English and/or maths.
  • National data suggests successful students will have achieved an average points score of 4.62 or more.

What does it go well with?

Sociology is often paired with other social sciences such as Psychology. Due to its ability to analyse the complexities of our society, it also goes well with History, English, and Health and Social Care.